50 Fun Ways Children Can Help With Environment Conservation

1) Buy quality toys that last longer. So that you don’t create more trash.

2) Plant a leafy tree in your neighborhood and water it regularly

3) Convert old plastic bottles into plant holders, fill it up with soil and grow tiny flowering plants

4) Do not mix plastic waste with organic waste.

5) Don’t Kill spiders and lizards or in that matter any wildlife. They all help you by eating up other harmful insects

6)  Make sure to use rechargeable batteries. Avoid using hundreds of single use batteries.

7)  During weekends collect waste soft drink cans and plastic bottles and exchange them at recycle enters. Use the money for good cause.

8) Make all attempt to reduce waste before it becomes waste. Make maximum use of any product.

9,) Try to Recycle everything you can like plastic bottles, Plastic bags, newspapers, glass, cans, foil, etc.

10) Never waste food as it is precious made with natural recourse.

11) Always Use paper on both sides and make use of scrap paper whenever possible.

12) Save water by taking shorter showers and use least possible water while washing hands and brushing.

13) Use non-toxic environment friendly detergent and floor cleaners in your house

14) Use foams and aerosols based on compressed air rather than other propellants.

15) Turn of electric appliances like Tv, computer  etc when not in use. this way you will save  lot of energy!

16) Consider car pooling with your friends. Share cars while travelling to school. This is fun as well as you are controlling pollution

17).Use bikes when travelling to nearby places. This way you will reduce the use of petroleum

18) Pick up and properly dispose of trash and recyclables, even if they are not yours.

19) Conserve hot water and reduce the water heater setting by a few degrees during summer months.

20) Reduce the use of petroleum based products like plastics Gasoline,heating oil , diesel etc

21) Ask parents to fix leaky faucets taps and pipes so that water is not wasted

22) Use biodegradable products wherever possible

23) Make group with your friends in the neighborhood and clean up the nearby lakes and parks to ensure these are free from litter.

24) Properly dispose of things including hazardous household waste. Find out if your township has a hazardous waste collection program.

25) Use energy saving light bulbs, and electrical appliances that use less power.  These are only marginally more expensive  but help saving  money on electric bill!

26) Learn to do more with less. This implies enjoying what you already have more, repairing and reusing existing items!

27) Use eco friendly pesticides for your garden plants . This way you will retain the soil fertility

28) Start a organic compost project in your backyard and get your friends involved. this helps you  keep a lot of waste out of landfills!

29, Make sure to clean your refrigerator  at least thrice in a year to eliminate the dirt and to ensure it works more efficiently and in return saves energy

30) House insulation is very important, especially during winter months. avoid keeping their windows open during the winter. use the thermostat effectively, temperature above a certain point only wastes energy!

31) Create art items like pen stands, Wall hangings, Flower pots etc with waste plastic bottles and glass bottles and sell them on Ebay or Face book.

32) Use manual tools such as , a simple brim instead of vacuum cleaner this helps  you save power.

33) Use emails and eGreetings and try to reduce the usage of physical mails and letters to save paper.

34) Reuse your notebooks. Set them by the phone and use the unused pages as scratch pads

35) Always Pack your lunch with reusable steel or plastic boxes. Never use disposable boxes regularly.

36) Donate or even sell clothes or things that you no longer want instead of throwing them away.

37) Plant a garden with flowers that attract butterflies and don’t forget to include the host plants.

38) Use libraries or borrow a book from your friend whenever you wish to read a book rather than buying a new book. Make sure to share your books with others.

39) “Adopt” an animal or habitat as a present for family or friends

40 ) Don’t buy ivory, or other products, made using wild animals parts like leather. As this will discourage the trade

41) Make a bird feeder and hang it in your back yard also set up a birdbath, to support survival of  wild birds

42) Ask your dad to keep your car tires properly inflated and drive in optimum speed that provides maximum mileage.

43) Never abandon pets. If you cannot take care of them return it to pet shops or animal shelters.

44) Hang clothes instead of using dryer. This will make your clothes longer and save energy as well.

45) Buy products from second hand stores. This way you are cutting on cost as well as helping with reusing

46) Go vegetarian at least once a week. As consuming meat means you are consuming acres of greenery. Remember veggies are tasty too.

47) Use air conditioners only when it is absolutely necessary. Open window or close them to adjust the heat instead of using the air conditioner always.

48) Subscribe to eco friendly blogs , communities and new letters and keep reading the latest news and discussions about going green and eco friendly living.

49) Join wildlife conservation  organization and environment conservation organizations and volunteer for the programs that happen during weekends or holidays.

50) Share the above measures with friends and encourage them to follow as well this way you will contribute to a making the planet greener.

Make a sticker With the following Slogan and stick it on your school bag. So that your friends will know about your decision and join you.

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