A Walk in the Jungle is a Natural Medicine

We all keep running in the concrete cities, some run for their work and some run for studies. And, the cities are so badly polluted that one cannot even get a breath of fresh air. One really seeks out some natural places where one can find some peace and solace and also some natural air.

Well, have you ever tried walking in the jungle? A walk through the nature is believed to be the best therapy and a natural medicine. One can remain healthy if one spends some time in the unpolluted outdoors.  And, this is known as the forest therapy.


Effects of forest therapy:

As per the research, the forest therapy or a walk in the jungle has some major benefits. One can actually feel an improvement in the health if one takes the walk seriously. Given below are some of the health benefits which one can experience if one goes into the jungle:

  • A decrease in the level of cortisol and blood pressure,
  • Decline in the stress level and blood sugar
  • Concentration is improved and one can experience greater creativity. Kids who walk on the busy roads for 20 minutes might get disturbed but if they walk in the forest, it will help them a lot.
  • Pain, if any, gets diminished
  • An improvement in the immunity and vitality can be felt
  • Reduces depression and negative feelings
  • Increases the natural killer cells in the body which help in destroying the cancerous cells.
  • You might probably find solutions for some complicated problems in your life as it calms our senses and we become more focused.
  • A person who has undergone surgery can heal faster if he gets to see more of greenery.
  • It also helps kids who face problems such as ADHD or the attention deficit disorders. Their attention span will increase if they get exposed to natural walks.


With so many benefits that a nature walk has, one can easily plan to include it in one’s schedule. Most of the people think that watching television or movies can help them in giving relief from stress. But, that is not always true and it can actually add up to the stress. The best way to deal with stress is to go out on a nature walk. In fact, many companies are adding wellness programs which include forest therapies.

The secret behind forest therapy:


We are talking so many good things about forest therapy and you must be wondering how and why it actually works.

  • Well, we all know that the trees give out Oxygen and we need that for our existence. So, when we go on a trek through the jungle, we get to breathe more of Oxygen.
  • Another secret is that the trees emanate scents which are aromatic. These scents are from the volatile oils from the stems which can actually increase the natural killer cells in the body.
  • We feel calm and composed because our brains get into a state of meditation when it encounters a lot of green space.
  • The trees actually give out energy and even touching them and feeling them does a lot of good. There are some really good medicinal trees such as Cedar, Cypress, Fir and Eucalyptus etc which have healing properties.

So, the next time, when you plan a trip, try to see if you can get away from the mad rush and get into the wilderness. It will do you a lot of good. Try to go on a weekend trip to some nearby forest area. There are also nature camps that are organized and one can send the kids to such camps. They will not only learn to be independent but will also start understanding the value of wildlife and nature. Also, this is the best way to get them away from the electronic gadgets. And, in case, you are not able to take out time for going to a jungle, go to a park or a garden where you can be surrounded with the trees.

Finally, plant more of trees and stop the cutting of trees. In this fast moving world, they are the only natural medicine for us.

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