Advantages and Disadvantages of wildlife photography


It is not so easy to become photographer. Simply getting and SLR in hand don’t make you a good photographer. You need to have those skills and creativity to capture the best of candid moments. The trickiest photographer is wildlife. Though it is so much in demand, there are so many advantages and disadvantages of wildlife photography. Let us take a look:

  • It helps you understand and mingle with nature
  • You can relate your life with the animals living in wild forest
  • It can be done in flexible hours
  • It allows you to watch closely how the animals survive
  • It is a hobby that provides mind relaxation
  • There is no wastage of photos or money . As digital photos can be edited or deleted as per requirement
  • There is no additional cost required for filing or processing
  • This job is much in demand in channels like Animal Planet and Discovery
  • Wildlife photography has the potential to fetch you money when done professionally
  • You will be able to capture the really precious moments and share it will friends and others.


  • The risk of getting injured by animals is high
  • In some circumstances it may be a disturbance to the animals
  • You cannot capture best of the moments at night
  • For some private lands to photographs, you might have to pay a huge amount.
  • In seasons like monsoon, it becomes difficult to capture best of wildlife photography.
  • There is a huge competition involved in wildlife photography.
  • It is not a job of 9-6 working hours. Hence you need to be flexible and alert all the day

Wildlife photography to some extent is worth to be taken. It is a rewarding career. However, it would be great if animals do not get a hint of it.
By Bala M


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