All about the elephant camp in Mudumalai

All about the elephant camp in Mudumalai

To the northwestern side of the Nilgiri Hills or the Blue Mountain hills is the Mudumalai National park and wildlife sanctuary. It is well renowned Tiger Reserves of India. It is ideally located to the northwest of Coimbatore city or Kongu Nadu region of Tamilnadu. It is well connected to the states of Kerala and Karnataka too.

The protected home
The Mudumalai elephant camp is very popular among the tourist. The elephant camps were established since 1910. Presently the Theppakadu elephant camp is an acclaimed one. It was established in 1972. Making a visit to the elephant camp surprises you with elephants offering pooja to Lord Ganesha at early hours. The elephant are fed sugarcanes. To bring enthusiasm to the tourists an elephant shows are held on Saturday and Sundays. It is the second largest sanctuary in Kerala. The rich wildlife is bestowed with over grown green grasses. It is also a home to Flora and fauna as well.
Being in the ballpark of Mudumalai wildlife the Theppakadu elephant camp is quiet attractive and mind thrilling. Elephant race and soccer are performed by the elephants are interesting to view.

The cottages owned by the forest departments are utilized for the accommodations. Private resorts and guest houses are also available. Advance booking is very much required. Mudumalai National Park gives an accomplished feeling of making a visit to sanctuaries. There are also near by attractions such as Wayanad Sanctuary, Bandipur National Park, and Masinagudi to name a few.

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