Bandipur Tiger Elephant Safari

Bandipur Safari Guide

Bandipur is one of the beautiful wildlife sanctuary located in south India with variety of flora and fauna. Bandipur safari offers maximum tiger sightings when compared to other wildlife sanctuaries in south India. Bandipur National park is also rich in other fauna including leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, herbivores like elephants, gaurs, barking deer, and rare birds like vultures.

Bandipur Van Safari


Van safari is organized every morning and evening at Bandipur National park. There are five vans in total each van can accommodate 20 people.

Tickets are issued at the Bandipur Safari reception center office located about 5 km from the Bandipur Tiger reserve Gate


  • Indian Adult – Rs. 300
  • Indian Child – Rs. 150
  • Foreign Citizen – Rs. 1200
  • Foriegn Child – Rs. 600

There are bulk discounts available for students on school trips if a discount request letter is issued on a school letter head addressed to the Field Director, BTR or the RFO, Bandipur.

Bandipur Jeep Safari


There is two Jeeps and five Gypsy available with the Bandipur forest department that are used for safaris. Jeep is more economical and comfortable for safari.

The diesel jeep can accommodate upto 6 people per safari – Rs. 2000 plus entry fee of Rs. 200 per person

The petrol gypsy is more suitable for upto 6 people – Rs. 3000 plus entry fee of Rs. 200 per person

Bandipur Safari Timing

Morning Timings : 6:30AM to 8:30 AM

Evening Timings : 3:30PM to 5:30 PM.

The duration of the safari is 1hr to 1.5 depending on the crowd


Bandipur Safari Office Contact information ,

Bandipur National Park,
Gundlupet Taluk,
Chamarajanagar District – 571126

Phone : 08229-236043
Fax : 08229-236060
E-mail :

Tourist can call 08229-236051 for more information on Bandipur safari.

Bandipur Safari Online Reservation

Register on the Bandipur Tiger Reserve Website,

Bandipur Elephant Safari

Elephant ride was organized at Bandipur few years back but now it is not open to public. The elephants camp is located opposite the tiger office where tourists can see the camp elephants.

Bandipur Souvenir Shop

There is a wildlife souvenir shop located half km before the bandipur tiger reserve entrance opposite to jungle lodges resort in bandipur. Shop for pepper honey, Coasters, mugs and t-shirts with beautiful wildlife prints.

You will also find some lovely pen stands, key holders, coffee trays, book bins and tea tables made of lantana which is considered as a forest weed and there are NGOs working on eradiating the weed. JungleScapes is working on lantana eradiation and making of furniture from Lantana. You can contact them on for ordering furniture.

Find the products on


This photo of Bandipur is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Dos and Donts At Bandipur Safari office


  1. Tea and peanuts are the only eatables available near the safari office. So make sure you carry any snacks or other food if you are traveling with children.
  2. Look out for Parakeets, Nuthatches, barbets and other birds on trees around the place.
  3. There is a small wildlife museum that is worth watching before or after the safari
  4. Use the paid toilets located behind car parking
  5. Enjoy the nature and surroundings in a responsible manner


  1. Do not feed the monkeys, deer, wild boar or any wildlife that you see near the safari office as feeding wildlife is harmful to them as well as you
  2. Do not litter the place
  3. Do not venture in the jungle on foot.
  4. Don’t over speed or park your vehicle in middle of the forest
  5. Don’t make noise or disturb other travelers.
  6. Don’t pester the forest officials for out of turn safari tickets


Remember, most of the diseases like HIV, Ebola came to humans via monkeys. If a monkey bites or scratches you, immediately wash and clean the wound, get a anti rabies vaccination within 4 hours for effective protection.

Sunset during evening bandipur safari


Enjoy your safari