Mudumalai Safari

Safari is a major attraction at Mudumalai National Park. Mudumalai safari office is located at Thepakadu junction about 10km from Deep jungle home campus. The road that leads to the safari office runs through the jungle making the 10 km drive like a safari by itself.There is no advance safari booking option available at Mudumlai. They choose to operate on first come first serve basis. It is always advisable to reach the Mudumalai safari office at least 30 Mins before the safari start time to avoid any last moment disappointment.

Mudumalai Van Safari

Van safari is organized every morning and evening.

Morning Timings : 6:30AM to 9:00 AM

Evening Timings : 3:30PM to 6:00 PM.

The duration of the safari is 30mins

Mudumalai Safari Office Contact Details

Range Officer,Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National park
Theppakadu Junction, Mudumalai
The Nilgiris District.
Ph: 0423-526235

Mudumalai Safari cost – 135 Rs Per Head

Children below 5 free of cost.
Mudumalai tiger reserve (Mudumalai Tiger Reserve)

  • Swaraj mazda safari visiting Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
  • 7.00 am to 9.00am. 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
  • No private vehicles or taxi vehicles are allowed inside the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
  • No jeep safari organized by the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
  • The Mudumalai Tiger Reserve will not responsible for private vehicle safari.
  • The jeep safari will take you only on the main road, not inside the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.
  • Mudumalai Tiger Reserve has no guides for jeep safari.
  • No vehicles should enter the reception area, should park the vehicles at the parking area only.
  • All information needed will be given from the reception center

Mudumalai Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is organized by private jeep operators. they are put up right in front of the Thepakadu safari office and offer jeep safari to guests. This kind of safari is not deep inside the jungle but run on the peripheral roads that run through the forest. They charge about 1500 for a 1 hr jeep safari. But they dont take the guests inside the forest. Only on the main roads.

Mudumalai Elephant Safari

Elephant ride is organized by the mudumalai forest department. The tickets are issued at the Mudumalai Forest department office.

For elephant safari booking and more details contact on the following phone numbers

Wildlife Warden, Ooty :              Ph. (0423) 2444098
Nigris Wildlife Officer (North) :   Ph. (0423) 2441950
Nilgiris wildlife Officer (South) : Ph. (0423) 2444083

Other Activities of interest near Mudumalai safari office

1, Elephant Interactive Camp: Opposite to the safari office  an elephant camp worth visiting. The entry fee is 10Rs per head.One can see how elephant feed is mixed and fed to the elephants every evening.The discipline of the tamed elephants and the playful baby elephants is the attracting of the camp attraction.

2, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve souvenir shop: The souvenir shop located near the safari ticket office sells lot of goodies made by the mudumalai tribal.List of things worth purchasing at the shop are wild honey,Wildlife calendar, Birds guide of mudumalai etc.