Anger management tips to children

Anger management tips to children

Children are the future generations who will control the world after us. Therefore, a better upbringing of children ensures a better future for the world. One main cause of children straying from proper upbringing is their obstinate behavior which leads to them becoming angry, frustrated and even violent. We know that children are generally obstinate by nature. However, if this increases beyond limits, then it may encourage anger and straying from their paths which they are taught to follow for achieving their goals. Hence, first let’s highlight the reasons for their angry nature.

Why are kids so angry?

The main reasons pointed out by prominent psychiatrists are:

–       Child being misjudged

–       Wrong allegations and blamed incorrectly

–       Unjust treatment

–       Feeling insecure

Find out when they are angry

Children maybe angry but keep their emotions hidden and would not express it with a fear. Hence, sometimes, you yourself have to discover it. Here are some ways to find that out:

–       Check their facial expressions which may turn red and muscles may turn tense with an increase in their breath rate.

–       Tell them to draw something, maybe they can depict their anger through illustrations.

Now, how to deal with anger management among children is our real concern.

–       Most common method – This anger management is used even in adults, i.e. counting from 1 to 10 after a deep breath.

–       Many children, unlike adults are not mature enough to understand the solutions to their problems and thus deal with our anger management. For e.g. if we are given a task in our office then we may sub-contract the task, but if a kid is given an assignment in school by some teacher, and if they are not able to do it, they develop bitter feelings for teacher as he has no knowledge about anger management. Inform them about the ways to handle the assignment in the same way if you were given the assignment. Talk to their school teachers.

–       Become their idol – Children are generally imitators by nature. So, if you are able to deal with anger management, so would they. Do not show your obstinate behavior in front of them and try to let go of offers or even dramatize such events in their presence without their knowledge that this is staged which is a best part of this stage of anger management. In this way they would never demand unnecessarily. For e.g. while you with family go to the market and your wife says, “Let us not buy that antique, its good but we do without it”, then your child would also think that they can also do without the toy and so it deals with anger management.

–       Lastly, give them attention and love them unconditionally. Children’s anger management is managed here to a great extent. Children are at their primitive stage of life and hence act more on emotions. Therefore, being loved gives them sense of security and solves problem of anger management.

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