Creativity in Green: Ideas for small scale gardening


Love gardening but only limited space? Often, urban dwellings provide narrow or no space for lush gardening, killing the interest in many. But being a little imaginative can help bring a touch of green to any nook and corner. Beautiful little landscapes not only enhance the look, but also bring out a new dimension of vibrancy and upbeat energy to your space.


Here are a few tips to kindle your gardening-pursuits

  • An elegant pot of vibrant flowering plants at the doorstep will be warm and welcoming.
  • A strip of grass running along the driveway can make a huge difference.
  • Cultivate flowers of 1-4 colors, minimal and graceful.
  • For balconies with restricted space, choose plants and pots that give a sculpted look. Some options include bulbs, bamboos, grasses, slim-line bushes, succulents and herbs.
  • Lettuce, tomatoes and chillies can make a compact vegetable garden.
  • Use of the vertical spaces, walls and railings can significantly increase your gardening space.
  • Grouping similar pots will save space and yet give a fuller look to your garden.
  • Indoor plants and pots can be matched to your furniture. Paint the containers or use soft lighting to animate your living space dramatically.
  • Decorate shady spaces with ferns which require minimum sunlight.
  • Use a long window box to grow strawberries or decorative flowers and enjoy a heart-warming glimpse of beauty.

Choose the right plants and containers; throw in some imagination…and any space, small, odd or dark, can be transformed to a pleasant and lively one.


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