Bandipur Tigers will Get Adhar Cards in 2014


  • The NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) has planed to allocate an unique Identification number or codes with area locations to each and every tiger in India to protect them from poachers

Just like the Adhar card which is an unique id number for every Indian citizen, every Indian tiger     will also be given an unique identification number along with a photo id card.

The photo id card will be prepared by the respective reserve officials where the tiger belong to and maintain the data base in a physical album as well as in digital formats. Tiger ID cards are not made with their face photo but The tigers will be identified with their left and right side body photos with stripe patterns as not two tigers will have a similar stripe pattern like no two humans will have the same finger prints. The left and right side photos of the tigers are clicked by camera traps set in the sanctuaries with tiger population. Madya Pradesh already follow this fashion and maintain a record of all tigers in their state, now all other state will also take up this measure.

In Bandipur National Park the camera trap set up for clicking the photos of tigers will start soon after the 4th tiger census is done. The mud roads used by safari vehicles in Bandipur are the favorite walking path for the tigers in Bandipur. So the forest officials plan to set up these camera traps along the mud roads and other favorite places of tigers.

It is high time that we start taking permanent effective measures to protect our national animal as they are on the way to getting extinct. India is the home to 50% of the tigers found in the world so it is an responsibility of every Indian to protect the tigers.

The Tiger ID cards will help to track the tigers and maintain a record the natural or unnatural death of tigers and become more alert if they notice any kind of poaching in a particular area. the tiger can be traced back using the ID.

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