Best Weekend Getaways around Bangalore

Best Weekend Getaways around Bangalore

Importance of Weekends around Bangalore: Bangalore is a city located in the southern parts of India in the state of Karnataka. The city is known all over the world because of the presence of various reputed corporate companies and IT sectors there. The peoples who are employed in those companies hardly get any free time for themselves as they are always engaged in a hectic schedule. Any particular individual residing in Bangalore or working in a corporate sector there, desires for a weekend hang-out so that they can get some time to relax and enjoy. These weekends play a very vital role in individual’s life because these holidays help them to refresh their mind so that they can start working again with a fresh energy and along with a new endeavor. In other words people residing in Bangalore should always go for a weekend outing with friends or families as this would help them to concentrate on their work far better. In order to go out for an outing there, one should always know the best weekend getaways around Bangalore.

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve: ‘Mudumalai Tiger Reserve’ is one among the best places to hang-out around Bangalore. The resort is located on the fringes of ‘Madumalai National Park’ near Masinagudi and Bandipur. . The destination can easily be reached from Bangalore via busses, taxis or cars. The large resort is suitable for a wide variety of activities which include ‘bird watching’, ‘wildlife photography’, ‘trekking’, ‘Bamboo rafting’ and ‘horse riding’. The resort is probably the only resort in the whole country which provides the facility to the tourists to experience the bewildering activities of the wild during the night time. The park consists of various types of accommodation facilities which include ‘village cottages’, ‘Swiss tents’, ‘family tents’, and ‘bamboo huts’. The tourists are given the liberty to choose any of the following depending on their requirement. The place is a great tourist attraction for everyone who is seeking for an exciting adventure. The region is mainly a grazing region for the spotted deer and is known all over the world for its scenic beauties. The region is used as a camping site for many corporate companies and other organizations. The place is a home for a wide variety of animals like Guars, Porcupines, Mouse Deer, Wild Boars and Sambar Deer etc. It can easily be concluded that ‘Mudumalai Deer Meadow’ is surely one among the best weekend getaways around Bangalore.

Some Other renowned Weekend Getaways around Bangalore: Besides Mudumalai Deer Meadow there are a various other places around Bangalore for spending the precious weekends. This includes ‘Nagarhole National Park’ and the magical city of Mysore, also known as the ‘Magical Mysore’. The ‘Nagarhole National Park’ is a wild-life national park without any kind of fencing around the entire forest cover. The tourists who are willing to visit there are given the facility to hire jeeps for ‘Jungle safari’. The tourists can make use of the safari rides to have a trip around the entire jungle and in turn can observe the wildlife from the least possible distance. Another great weekend hangout around Bangalore is none other than Mysore. The city attracts tourists all over the globe for its beautiful palaces situated there. The palaces there are a center of art and architecture. These two regions can easily be considered to be the best weekend getaways around Bangalore.

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