Civet POOP May Be Worth 30000 Rs a Kg

Civet POOP

Indian civet is a mongoose like looking animal which is found in most Indian jungle.
They feed on insects fruits , seeds etc.
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The world’s most costly coffee called Kopi Luwak is made out of POOP


Coffee seeds found in civet poop is collected dried and used to make coffee. coffee seeds collected from civet poop have rich aroma and great taste these coffee seeds which have an international market value of 400 to 700 USD per kg around the world. Civets are known to feed on best of all ripe coffee seeds and partially digest them to add extra great taste and aroma to the coffee. Civet Poop Coffee seeds are worth up to 700USD
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It is possible that your extremely costly perfume has come out of an Ass.


Civet produce a thick oily strong smelling liquid to mark territory and also uses it as self defense mechanism to wade of enemies by distracting them with the strong scent. The civet secretion is called Ceivitone. Civitone is also use by the animal to attract members of the opposite sex. Civet Secretion From Anal Glad is worth more than 500USD Per ml
The oily secretion is used in making perfumes. But these days reputed perfume manufactures have shifted to chemical fragrances of the same smell but yet small scale perfume manufactures still use of civet secretion which should be banned to stop cruelty towards this animal

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