Conserve Wildlife for a Better Ecosystem

Wildlife includes all non domesticated animals living in their own habitat without human interference such as forests, plains, grasslands etc. Wildlife is important for any country:

  • For Ecological balance and food chain
  • It forms an asset to any country
  • It enhances the beauty of the Eco system and many plants have medicinal value which can be used to treat many diseases.

Hence it is very essential to conserve the wildlife of any country. India is country with abundant wildlife and unique species such as barking deer, Royal Bengal tiger, spotted deer and many elephants. In recent years, wildlife in India has been depleted due to deforestation, hunting for skin and flesh. Many wildlife conservation organizations in India have undertaken many measures to protect the Wild life of the country. The wildlife conservation organizations aim at

  • Implementing new methods for conserving wildlife
  • Working with the government to bring about tough laws against poaching and deforestation
  • Protecting forests and encouraging Afforestation
  • Setting up of National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries to protect and preserve the wildlife of the country.

Top 3 wildlife Conservation organizations in India are:

  • WWF India: Started in 1969 in India, this organization has branches spread across the globe for conserving wildlife. This organization has been instrumental in conserving wildlife in the Western Ghats of India and has significantly supported activities for preserving wildlife in the north east. It has taken up several initiatives to protect various species from tigers to Rhinos.
  • Project Tiger: Started by the Government of India, this organization aims to protect tigers which are on the verge of extinction. The organization initially started with a modest of 9 tiger reserves now has more than 25 tiger reserves with a population of more than 1400 tigers and has effectively implemented schemes to ensure that tigers and wildlife are protected for the future.
  • Wildlife Conservation Society of India: Started in 1960’s this organization aims to protect and preserve tigers and wildlife across the country and has taken up several projects for the same. Some of the notable projects include conservation of tigers in Karnataka, Rain forest conservation in Kundremukh, protection of wildlife in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and many more.

It is the responsibility of each one of us to fund and support these organizations and protect and preserve wildlife for a better environment.

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