Deep Jungle Home 2014 Calender


Mudumalai Deep Jungle Home 2014 Calender

Deep Jungle Home is happy to release calender for the year 2014. To commemorate the release of the calender, Deep Jungle Home is happy to announce a Discount of 10% for stay during February / March 2014 which can be availed using coupon DJHFM20

About the Calender: The fawn  has been choosen to represent as the forest is always young like this baby deer. This particular photograph was choosen as it gives a wholesome picture of the forest. The broken bamboo, dry and decaying leaves, fresh green grass and plants sprouting after the rain, the baby deer all representing the cycle of life and interdependence of the different elements of nature.

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About Deep Jungle Home:

A secluded resort cum campsite by a perennial forest stream in a 6 acre evergreen campus bordering Mudumalai and close by to Bandipur national park offering various economical accommodation options like tree house, swiss tents, bamboo huts, camping tents, etc.The campus is blessed with different wildlife from insects (giant water bug, southern bird wing), reptiles (western hill keelback, travancore wolf, flying lizard), amphibians (malabar gliding frog, malabar winged frog,  caecilian ichthyosis), birds (rufous woodpecker, malabar trogan, white rumped shama, piculet) and rare mammals like brown palm civet, flying squirrels, slender loris, etc making it a wonderful place for wildlife photography and macro photography.

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