Become An Eco-Friendly Tourist In Bandipur

Do we owe anything to our environment and wildlife? Your answer is definitely ‘Yes’
Many Resorts consider going eco friendly in Bandipur and also educate tourists on the importance of being eco friendly.
We cannot exist in degraded environment as it in turn affects entire food chain slowly & destroys stability of nature. Wherever we go, it is our responsibility to create a good environment by preserving wildlife & nature using utmost intelligence and effort.


8 steps to make sure that you mould yourself into an eco friendly tourist while you are at an Eco Friendly Resort in Bandipur.

1, Use green lodging facilities –Green lodges support sustainability of environment using methods like energy reduction and water conservation. Water conservation helps in preserving natural habitats which serves as homes for beloved wildlife.
2, Discourage illegal trading – Items made using parts of endangered species are provided to you by localities at lesser rates. Never buy such items and try to report these activities to concerned officials quickly.
3, Encourage use of natural roads – Visit places which use natural mud-roads instead of artificial roads which are made by clearing forests inhabited by much diverse flora & fauna.
4, Never conduct parties or chase wild-animals at wildlife parks – Parties and acts like chasing wild-animals create immense disturbance to them.


5, Do not smoke in forest – A small spark can result fierce fire which consumes entire flora & fauna as it becomes impossible to extinguish such fire fast.
6, Never Feed wildlife – As wild animals are not designed to digest human food and may end up be becoming ill.
7, Avoid loud music – Never Play loud Music when driving through the a wildlife sanctuary or at resorts as loud music as animals tend to get annoyed
8, Conserve Energy – Do not waste Water and electricity

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