Reasons for withdrawing Elephant Ride in Madhumalai

Reasons for withdrawing Elephant Ride in Madhumalai

Everyone who visits the jungles of Madhumalai has a craze of riding an elephant. Crossing the jungle and water streams while sitting on elephant’s back sounds very nice and afterwards posting the photographs on Facebook and twitter has become a norm. But the fact is one should not include elephant ride in their “To-do list”. Following are some reasons:

  • The first and foremost reason is that elephants are not made to do all these work. But to make them eligible for tourism purposes they are trained. In the process of training several atrocities are done with them which can be seen through several forums on internet.
  • The elephants are made to work beyond their capacity which leads to adverse impact on their health. Due to overloading on the elephant’s back majority of elephants suffer from spine injury which sometimes becomes so fatal that it takes away their life.
  • Like humans, elephants are also considered as social animals. So while they are put in tourism industry they loose their entire social connect. So being a human one can understand how sad it will feel if one is separated from their families and heard.
  • Caretakers of elephants do not take a good care of elephants. They allocate the resources which remains after there own necessities get fulfilled. And elephants are also not given the diet they require to keep well their bodies.

After considering the entire above reasons one should withdraw elephant ride in Madhumalai

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