Deep Jungle Home Resort in Bandipur

1. Is Deep Jungle Home Safe? Is it suitable for a small family or a couple?
A. Yes. It is safe at Deep Jungle Home. Follow the safety instructions mentioned on the website. It is suitable for small families and couples
2. What type of accommodations is available at Deep Jungle Home?
A. Deep Jungle Home campus has one tree house, 4 Swiss cottage tents, 2 deluxe camping tents (Mini Swiss tents), 5 bamboo huts and 2 camping tents.
3. Are these tents water proof? What do we do in case of rains?
A. The tents are weather proof tents with plastic sheets covering from top to bottom. In case of rains, you can pass time in the common dining area or stay inside your tent.
4. What about hot water?
A. Swiss tents, tree house and deluxe camping tents have geysers in the attached toilets. For bamboo huts and camping tents, hot water is available on request.
5. Can we cook at Deep Jungle Home? Can we get diet food prepared for toddlers and young children?
A. Cooking facility for guests is not available. In case of diet food for children, please talk to our caretaker.
6. Is it possible to sight wild animals at Deep Jungle Home?
A. Yes and No. It depends on your luck.
7. Does Deep Jungle Home have pickup / drop facility?
A. Pickup / drop can be arranged at extra cost. Please arrange to have your own transport as Deep Jungle Home is 2.5 km from the highway and the vehicle would be useful for your local transport. You can hire an auto rickshaw from the highway and come over to Deep Jungle Home
8. Can our vehicle go upto Deep Jungle Home
A. Vehicles to the size of a Swaraj Mazda can go to Deep Jungle Home. Big buses won’t be able to go on the road to Deep Jungle Home as there are few sharp curves.
9. What is the route to Deep Jungle Home from Thorapally
A. Thorapally HP Petrol Pump – Opp small one room church – right Tar Road – 1/2 KM after small bridge – 100m on right side big house – turn into mud road on right side – 1 Km Deep – left after temple – Deep Jungle Home @ Molapalli
10. Do you have a separate pet policy? Such as only small pets allowed / pets are not allowed in restaurants and so on?
A. All pets are welcome including cats, dogs, etc. Please don’t bring pets restricted by wildlife act of India
11. Do you charge additional rent / fee for pets?
A. No. Any food for pet supplied from our kitchen is chargeable at actual cost
12. Any other rules and regulations for bringing along pets?

  • Pets should not create nuisance to other guests
  • Poop, other pet waste (including hair) from public areas, rooms, should be disposed by the pet owners
  • The pets should not bother our pets (including pigeons, geese, ducks, other birds, dogs, etc)
  • Please don’t use guest bed linen for your pets. If your pet sheds hair, please bring your own pet bed linen

13. How is the water quality in Deep Jungle Home?
A. The water is brownish due to the soil conditions but it is soft water with TDS of less than 50 and is perfectly safe to use for daily use / washing purposes.


1. What are the rates?
The charges mentioned below are cost per person

Unit No of Units No of Beds Extra Beds Can Sleep Rates For Two Person
Stone Cottage 1 2 2 4 Rs. 4000
Tree House 1 2 1 2 Rs. 4000
Swiss Cottage Tents 4 2 2 4 Rs. 3600
Camping Tents 2 2 2 4 Rs. 3000
Bamboo Huts 5 2 0 2 Rs. 2400
Extra Adult Charges 1 Rs. 1200
Extra Child  Charges (5 to 12 years) 1 Rs. 600
  • Check In: 12 AM Check Out : 11 AM
  • Full payment for Accommodation and Food has to be made at the time of booking.

2. What do these rates include?
A. These rates include only accommodation, food for two person. Taxes and Paid activity charges are extra.


1. How to Make Payment
A. You can make online booking through our website or use NEFT etransfer or check / cash drop into our ICICI account. Details are as follows

  • ICICI Account No: 060105000731
  • Account Name: Jungle Home
  • Account Type: Current Account
  • Branch: Old Madras Road Bangalore
  • IFSC Code: ICIC0000601
    You can do an etransfer from your bank account, or pay cash into our bank accounts and send the transaction details by email

2. How do I confirm my booking?
A. Booking will be confirmed only on receipt of full prior payment. Bookings made without payment as mentioned, will be held purely as tentative bookings and we may sell the same to any other client, without notice. The onus is on the client to keep track of the status of the tentative bookings

3. Can I make payment directly at Deep Jungle Home
A. All bookings and payments regarding stay and food are collected in full and in advance at our Bangalore office only. Payment for activity charges can be made at Jungle Home / respective offices

4. What is your cancellation policy?
A. If you or any member of your party wishes to cancel your booking, you must notify us in writing either by phone or email. In any case the date of cancellation will be at the date on which notice is received in our office in Bangalore. The person who signed the booking form or made the booking must also sign the letter / approve of cancellation.
As this incurs administrative cost and retention charges, the cancellation charges will apply on the following scale:

Number of days before stay at Jungle Home (not inclusive of the check-in date) Amount of Refund charges
cancellation prior to two weeks before check-in date Full Deposit less 8% administrative charges
cancellation less than two weeks and prior to seven working days before check-in date 50% of the Deposit less 8% administrative charges
cancellation less than seven working days before check-in date (including food amount) No Refund
Part cancellation / Revision of booking at Last Moment No Refund

5. Of the 20 people I have booked for only 18 have turned up. Is it possible to get refund for the 2?
A. No. This will be treated as last minute cancellation. Please check our cancellation policy.


1. Is food arranged?
A. Food is arranged in the guest house by our caretakers. Buffet food is available

Food Charges are included in the per person rate quoted

  • Food will be served at common dining area.
  • Food Rates for children below 4 years free.
  • Snacks, extra food available at extra cost on request
  • Liquor not sold / served. Consumption of liquor is prohibited in campus

2. I plan to stay for 3 days in Jungle Home and travel to Ooty and surrounding areas. Is it possible to not book food in advance as I am not sure of my schedule?
A. Deep Jungle Home has the facility to pack the meals that you will not be available for if informed in advance.

3. Can we cook at Jungle Home / prepare our own food?
A. No. You can’t prepare or cook your own food at Jungle Home as we dont have kitchenette facility in the accommodation units.

4. What about food for our driver?
A. If your driver eats with you from the buffet / the food served for you, he will be charged the same amount as you. If required, the driver can have his food at Jungle Home for a charge or outside.

5. We plan to arrive / check in late. Can we have a lunch the next day?
A. You can have the lunch next day after checking out at 11 AM. This has to be informed at the time of booking in advance to avail this facility

5. What about drinking water?
A. Drinking water is served in the dining hall from 20 liter RO water cans using a dispenser.


1. How far is Jungle Home from Bangalore? How long does it take to reach there from Bangalore?
A. It is 250 km. It takes five hours to reach the guest house from Bangalore and from Mysore two hours

2. How far is Jungle Home from Ooty?
A. It is 50 Km. It takes 1.5 hours to reach Ooty from Jungle Home through the Kalhatty ghat Road and 2 hours through Gudalur Road

3. How far is the guest house from Mudumalai and Bandipur Forest Department Office?
A. It is 20 km from Bandipur and 10 km from Mudumalai Forest Department Office

4. Can we travel through the forest during night?
No. The forest gates are closed by 9 PM and you cant drive through the forest to reach Jungle Home during late night. You need to cross the gates by 830 PM so as to avoid being stuck on the road till morning. To save time see our suggested schedule.

5. Do you arrange transport from Bangalore or Mysore to Jungle Home?
A. We don’t arrange transport but we can recommend a taxi operator

  • Bangalore: Mr. Jose Francis of New Pleasant Travels No: 080-25276040 / 09845998962
  • Mysore: BIT – 0821-2333362
  • Coimbatore: JJ Travels – 0422-2232305 / 6
  • KSRTC Contract coach booking: 9980915152 / 080 22353054 / 080 22375860
  • Ooty: Anthony Cruz – 9486293554
  • Gudalur: Uma Shankar – 9442564970

Please note that you deal with external agencies at your risk. We take no responsibility for their services.

6. What about road tax?
A. We are located in Tamilnadu right opposite the RTO Checkpost. You can’t avoid paying tax. Hence inform your taxi operator in advance about the tax features and to bring the original documents.

7. Is it possible to come to Jungle Home by Bus / public transport?
A. Yes. Catch a bus from Bangalore to Ooty, get down at Thorapalli and walk over to Jungle Home. To save time, we suggest take an early morning bus to Ooty from Bangalore (around 6 AM). If you are coming from Ooty, take a bus to Gudalur, from Gudalur; take an Auto rickshaw to Thorapalli. Presently there is a 6:15 AM Volvo service from Bangalore to Ooty which will be convenient. We suggest you use the services of KSRTC (www.ksrtc.in) for online bus ticket booking

8. What about transport from Jungle Home to Safari Office?
A. Local jeeps can be hired at nominal cost for trips to and from safari offices. If you inform the caretaker, they can call for the jeeps from Gudalur. Please inform at least an hour in advance as these jeeps have to be called from Gudalur.

9. How to reach Deep Jungle Home?
A. Please check our website for route map to Deep Jungle Home from Bangalore 0 KM – Mysore 140 KM – Nanjungad 160 KM – Gundelpet 200 KM– Bandipur 220 KM – Mudumalai 230 KM (Theppakadu Junction – Take right to Gudalur road) – Thorapalli RTO Checkpost – HP Petrol Pump Opposite 240 KM – Take right into Molapalli Road 1KM – After white building right – 1KM, after temple left – Deep Jungle Home

Route from other cities to Jungle Home
Coimbatore – Mettupalayam – Kotagiri – OOTY – Kalhatty – Masinagudi – Mudumalai Theppakadu Jn Left (or OOTY Gudalur) – Thorapalli – HP Petrol Pump – Take right into Molapalli Road 1KM – After white building right – 1KM, after temple left – Deep Jungle Home

Kodaikanal – Palani – Tarapuram – Palladam – Somanur – Annur – Mettupalayam – Kotagiri – OOTY – Kalhatty – Masinagudi – Mudumalai Theppakadu Jn Left (or OOTY Gudalur) – Thorapalli – HP Petrol Pump – Take right into Molapalli Road 1KM – After white building right – 1KM, after temple left – Deep Jungle Home

Chennai (Madras) – Vellore – Krishnagiri – Dharmapuri – Salem – Bhavani – Perundurai – Avinashi – Annur – Mettupalayam – Kotagiri – OOTY – Kalhatty – Masinagudi – Mudumalai Theppakadu Jn Left (or OOTY – Gudalur) – Thorapalli – HP Petrol Pump – Take right into Molapalli Road 1KM – After white building right – 1KM, after temple left – Deep Jungle Home

Calicut – Manjeri – Nilambur – Vazhikadavu – Pandalur – Devala – Gudalur – Thorapalli – HP Petrol Pump – Take right into Molapalli Road 1KM – After white building right – 1KM, after temple left – Deep Jungle Home

10. We are coming from Chennai. What is the best means of travel to Deep Jungle Home?
A. We suggest you take the Chennai Mysore Cauvery Express or a train to Coimbatore (Via Ooty) and use any of the previous mentioned transport methods to arrive at Jungle Home. Check IRCTC.CO.IN for train schedules and availability

11. We are around 30 people. What would be the cheapest option if we want to hire a bus?
A. Hire a bus on casual contract from KSRTC as this helps to avoid the high road tax for heavy vehicles if the trip is just for two days over a weekend getaway trip from Bangalore. KSRTC / big buses can’t come to Deep Jungle Home

12. Can our car / vehicle reach Deep Jungle Home? Do you have parking within your campus?
A. Yes. We have a tar road till our campus. Cars, bikes, vans can reach our place easily. We have parking for 10 cars


1. What are the activities possible while staying at Jungle Home?
A. Jungle Safari at forest office, Trekking, campfire

2. Is safari conducted at Jungle Home?
A. Safari is conducted by the forest department in Mudumalai as well as in Bandipur.

3. What are the safari rates?
A. Bus safari= Rs. 135 per person in Mudumalai and Rs. 300 per person in Bandipur (30 minutes trip).

4. Do we need to book for safari in advance?
A. No. It is given on a first come first serve basis at the respective safari offices

5. Information about Trekking?
A. Trekking is conducted by the trekking guide. The trekking route is 3 to 5 KM bordering the forest in a private estate.

6. What are the trekking charges?
A. Trekking charges Rs. 300 per person. Minimum 3 people required per group

7. What are the campfire charges?
A. Campfire charges Rs. 500 per group. Campfire is put up separately for your group. Music / dancing is not allowed

8. What are the free activities?
Kayaking, Morning nature walk within our campus, nocturnal wildlife observation (night walk)

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