Top 12 essentials you must carry for a hassle free adventurous trekking trip

Top 12 essentials you must carry for a hassle free adventurous trekking trip

Are you planning an adventure trekking trip? Are you aware of all the struggles you might face during your trek?

Plan and get prepared with these 12 essentials you must carry before heading towards a courageous trekking tour:

Trek Essential #1 Backpack

This is the most fundamental product that should top your list of trekking essentials. Choose a highly acclaimed backpack. You can try lightweight packs that will not burden your shoulders on the way of your trek.

Trek Essential #2 Sleeping Bags

Select a good quality mid range bag to cut down the cost of your trip instead of buying expensive synthetic ones. Sleeping bags can be unzipped during freezing cold and can also be used to sleep on its top during hot summer season.

Trek Essential #3 Maps and compass

Carrying a topographic map plus a compass will help you navigate easily and prevent you from trolling on a wrong path. Though we all have GPS in our new smart phones, but network availability can be a concern in remote trekking places.

Trek Essential #4 Headlamps

In dense deserts or steep mountains when it gets dark, a headlamp is a must for illumination. Its long battery life, compressed size, low weight, hands free operation are some features that makes headlamp a necessity.

Trek Essential #5 First-aid kits

First aid can be required at any point during a trekking tour. Scratch, cuts and sprains are common during adventurous treks. Therefore, your first aid kit must be ready to prevent these minor wounds from catching infection and becoming severe in the absence of a physician.

Trek Essential #6 Extra clothes

Do not forget to carry additional clothes for unexpected weather changes. Stuff your bags with additional pairs of undergarments, socks, jackets, rain coats, thermals, hiking boots and sun hats.

Trek Essential #7 Extra Foods

Carry plenty of food items that have long storage life instead of the cooked meals. Dried fruits, energy bars, freeze dried meals, and nuts should the choice of food for your trekking trip.

Trek Essential #8 Plenty of water

Water is a source that will find in plenty amounts during your course of trek. But are you sure that water is safe for drinking? Therefore, you must carry drinking water in a large quantity. You can also take along a water filter or chemical water treatment methods to take advantage of water sources on your way.

Trek Essential #9 Fire starter and matchsticks

Fire starters, matchsticks kept in water-resistant containers are essential during trekking to start fire in case of emergencies. Along with matchsticks, mechanical lighters and candles can also be carried as backup emergencies.

Trek Essential #10 Sunglasses and sunscreen

Sun protection while trekking is another concern to be taken care off. Choose your glasses and sunscreen that aids protection to both UVA and UVB rays. If your trekking place is sow covered or frosty, shaded glacier glasses would be preferable.

Trek Essential #11 Repair Kit

Repair kit and tools including knives, blades, whistle, can openers, screwdrivers, scissors and hiking poles should be a part of your trekking bag for basic first aid, meal preparation and equipment repair during your trip.

Trek essential #12 Emergency Shelters

Emergency shelters become crucial for day trekkers who might get wounded or lost in unforeseen weather conditions.

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