Why our ancestors lived a much more healthier life than what we do

Though, it is true that the technological advances have made our life more luxurious and comfortable but on the other hand stressful and complicated.
It is a fact that our ancestors lived a much healthier and stress free lives than us.
Lets discuss some factors that contributed to the healthy life of our ancestors.

Food Habits : The human body is not designed to metabolize large amounts of sugar and vegetable oils or to have a sedentary life style(which we are leading now).Our ancestors ate fruits and vegetables grown out of fertile soil, rich in biodiversity, vitamins and minerals, unlike junk foods what we eat nowadays.

  • Sun Bath : Our ancestors had to work hard to fend themselves. Farming, hunting and saving food demanded outdoor activities under the sun. The day long exposures to sun enabled them to get enough vitamins E and D.
  • Physical work : Hunting preys, cultivating, constructing shelters and travel by foot etc was a good exercise for them.
  • Use of herbal medicine : The use of naturally available herbs and plants as medicine to cure was an advantage. The toxin present in modern day medicines lead to hormone imbalance, immune suppression and lot of side effects.
  • Simple life : Our ancestors worked hard, slept well and had less pressure to perform or compete with others. They followed a distraction free routine. So life was much more simpler and stress free those days
  • Pollution Free : Because they lived in less polluted atmosphere than what we have today they were free form medical aliments

Spending more time in forests lime Bandipur Mudumalai might help us live a healthier life.


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