Horse riding safety Guidelines

Horse riding is one of the oldest and yet the most exciting activities one can indulge in. A horse is such a royal and elegant animal, riding one can make you feel one too. Whatsoever may be your reason to ride a horse, for the fun or for the love of the animal, this is surely an extremely exciting activity to do. However, time and again we still get to hear some horse riding experiences that have proved to be fatal to its riders. I am sure you do not want to end up with a disability hence, following the right horse riding safety guidelines is the key to enjoy this experience to its fullest.

  • If you are taking horse riding seriously, enrolling yourself with a horse riding academy is the next obvious step. However it is extremely essential to select only a professionally qualified and experienced instructor as he can guide you correctly through your lessons. Not only can he guide you on the technique of horse riding but also makes sure your posture and grip is correct.
  • Before beginning your lessons, make sure you have all the safety equipments like the helmet, boots and gloves. Most of the horse riding training institutes shall guide you while buying one or rather may provide you one as a part of the training program, however it is advisable you to be aware about the ones that provide absolute safety while riding a horse.
  • The helmet used should correctly fit across your head. It should be comfortable and not loose. Horse riding shoes are a great addition to your collection of shoes as they make a great fashion statement otherwise too. Hence do not think twice while picking the ideal one. Gloves are extremely important as they give you the adequate grip required to hold the horse hence they should snugly fit in your palms providing utmost comfort.

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