How To Build A Tent And set Up A Campsite In The Jungle

The Mudumalai (Masinagudi) Wildlife Sanctuary attracts plenty of tourists from all over the World. Mudumalai means ancient hill and is located at the foothills of the famous Niligirs Hills in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Mudumalai is famous for its Tiger Reserve, Elephant habitat and jungle safaris. There are plenty of resorts all around the 3,300 sq km jungle reserve.
Tourists who love the outdoors and wildlife photographers enjoy camping at this beautiful and magnificent wildlife sanctuary. Most resorts offer camping facilities and tents can be bought easily for a nominal price.


Deep Jungle Home Camping Tents

Here are some tips on how to build a tent and set up a campsite in the Mudumalai jungle –

  • It is recommended to camp in groups and do some research on the location before planning your camping venture.
  • Check the weather in advance. If it is rainy season, you might need a rain fly as well and check if this comes as part of the tent gear.
  • Check and compare prices of tents and buy a simple tent if you are beginner.
  • Once you have purchased the tent, find a clearing at your campsite that is ideal for setting up your tent. Ensure this is a comfortable spot and the ground is flat and leveled.
  • The tent gear ideally contains the tent, stakes, poles, ground tarp etc.
  • Start by laying out the ground tarp which is a big plastic sheet for the ground.
  • Lay the tent on top of this and assemble the two poles in such a way so as to make two long single poles.
  • Bend the poles to make a cross shape and place on top of the tent and attach the tent to the four corners of the poles.
  • Once this is secured in place, attach the center hook of the tent to the top of the poles.
  • Continue attaching the remainder of the tent hooks to the poles.
  • Now is a good time to include the rain fly, if you intend to use it. This is done by placing the rain fly over the tent with the dull side facing you and the shiny side facing the tent.
  • Now align the entrance zippers with the doors of the tent.
  • Secure each corner of the rain fly, if you are using it.
  • Insert the four stakes at each end of the tent and firmly dig it into the ground.
  • Fix the four stakes to each door of the rain fly and pull away from the tent. This ensures that water does not enter the tent.
  • Keep all your bags, gear and equipment that you are carrying with you in the tent.

Your basic tent is ready for you to enjoy your outdoor camping experience. Be safe and ensure you set up the tent and camp at a location that is recommended by the jungle resort staff or the locals of Masinagudi.

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