How to make and ride a Bamboo raft

How to make and ride a Bamboo raft

How to make a Bamboo raft?

Bamboo raft are rafts made of set of bamboos tied securely with each other. To make a bamboo raft, there are two things which we need to consider. First, what do we need to make the bamboo raft and second, how to use those things to make a bamboo raft.

  1. Things that are needed to make a bamboo raft.

i.      Bamboos – a.) Dry and non-green & b.) Fewer pieces of 12 feet long and c.) More pieces (preferably double in quantity than the 12 feet ones) of 8 feet long. This would ensure that bamboos do not sink in the water.

ii.      Vines or ropes. Preferably ropes as they prove to be more secure than vines.

iii.      Knife, cutter or something homogeneous to that.

  1. After arranging for the items needed, we need to know how to use them for making for our bamboo raft. Here are the steps:

i.      Lay all the bamboos of 8 feet parallel to each other. Tie them with each other securely.

ii.      Now for the remaining pieces of 12 feet long bamboos, place them over the bamboo raft at an equal distance from each other horizontally breadth-wise. Tie them securely as you did earlier. The more bamboos you tie crosswise the more it would be secure.

iii.      You may create a second layer of bamboos over the first length-wise or even a third layer.

iv.      Be absolutely sure that bamboos are well-secured and attached to each other.

v.      Keep some bamboos as spare for sliding the raft into the water.

So finally, your bamboo raft is ready for sail. But, you should know how to ride it.

How to ride a bamboo raft?

Riding a bamboo raft does not seem to be very difficult as all we need to do is rowing. However, there are few things we need to take care of especially if we are riding in an area where climate is not supportive for such leisure activities.

  1. Look out for deep waters: If any lake or river is deep then be very careful. Make sure that you have life-jackets while going for such adventures.
  2. Do not ever travel in those rivers which have wild water-creatures like crocodiles. Always check the notice-boards displayed near rivers and lakes warning you for such creatures.
  3. Also, be very careful make sure, if so decide to go for rafting, that you have a professional expert with you and with your life jackets when rivers have high current or which end up in a waterfall with great heights. It is also better if you have spare ropes so as to make sure that you do not get carried away by the water current.
  4. Always keep a first aid box and if possible then communication devices ready for emergencies incase of any accidents.

So, enjoy building and safe riding in your bamboo raft.

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