How to safeguard yourself from wildlife

How to safeguard yourself from wildlife

With the craze of wildlife safaris, trekking, hiking and forest camping going up by the day more and more cases of mis-adventure is coming up. Even the clear demarcation of areas for human activities and wild animals the numbers of wild encounters are growing. So what exactly we humans can do to safeguarding ourselves and the dear ones accompanying us, the following are some suggestions:

Keep calm:
One of the reasons why wild animals attack is that they themselves are frightened and react to something unusual they find. In case of any such encounter one need to stay calm and do not shout or make any noise that might irritate the wild animal. It may be a possibility that wild animal go away without harming you if you do not make him irritate.

Avoid close encounters:
One should by rule avoid going close to wild animals howsoever calm he might be looking on face. This is for simple reason that they are wild and not tamed or pets. If you go close chances are more that in case of any attack you won’t get any reaction time.

Do not feed animals:
Sometimes out of excitement we try to feed animals. This is the biggest mistake and calls for danger by ourselves.

Off way adventure:
One should avoid going off the way as it might lead to getting lost on jungle and delay in relief work in case of any mis-happening.

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