If You Are Truly Serious About Wildlife Conservation

If You Are Truly Serious About Wildlife Conservation

Most of the people have hobbies such as bird watching, shooting, fishing, hunting, wild life conservation, and so on. It is always a good practice to know and adopt the advantages of taking up wildlife conservation as a hobby, as it benefits both present and future generation.

Advantages of Saving Wild Life: An advantage of saving wildlife is nothing but gaining the good health by protecting trees, and saving ourselves by wild animals. If trees from the forests are cut-down, wild animals enter city, which is most dangerous. Hence, it is very important to save forest, and wild life to protect ourselves and preserve them for the future generation and help them to study about the wild-life, also to enjoy watching the beautiful wild nature.

Wildlife Conservation as a Hobby: As a human, it is responsibility of everyone to preserve or conserve wildlife. Usually, wild life conservation is undertaken by the government or other public institutions, but, at the same time they also give chance to the common public who like to be a part of environment and wildlife preservation team. There are many people who consider wildlife preservation activity as their part time job; they do this activity for refreshment and to get peace of mind in conserving wild life; while some of them involve in this activity as a hobby, and get the advantages of taking up wildlife conservation as a hobby.

Save Wild-Life for Next Generation: Due to the negligence of the forest department, many trees have been cut-down which causes animals and birds to run-out of the forest because of the lack of food and shelter. Apart from harming animals or birds by cutting down trees, people are doing harm to the animals in many ways- some people involve in transferring animals to other countries; while, some people hunt for fun sake, kill these wild animals for the sake of skin, horns etc for making various fancy items like hand bags, cosmetics, home decors and many products; due to which several species such as cheetah, elephants and mammals like whale or shark, and few birds are getting destroyed. Because of these reasons, the population of species have been reduced. Hunters should stop this crime and preserve wildlife for the next generation.

Forest Preservation: Because of selfish needs and comforts, many individuals are destroying wildlife, and thus need of forest conservation becomes crucial. Saving forest helps large number of farmers who depend on rivers; as saving trees, brings good rain and also protect soil from erosion.  Since all living beings are inter-related to each other and all species such as- plants and animals including humans depend upon micro-organisms, it is very worth preserving the soil and water resources on whom these beings rely on!

Youths should take the responsibility of forest and wildlife preservation and get advantages of taking up wildlife conservation as a hobby that benefits both present generation and the up-coming generation and allow them to study, know, watch the beauty of the wild nature and conserve wild life for long time.

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