Instructions to be followed while driving though any Wildlife sanctuary


While visiting a Wildlife sanctuary, one must follow the below mentioned safety rules and carry the required documents and permission letters from the respective authorities.

  • Distributing any kind of edibles to the animals on the go is strictly prohibited.
  • Touching, cutting and removing of any plants and flowers are strictly prohibited.
  • Plant materials both that are living or dead are not to be touched or removed as they are used to stabilize tidal flats and bluffs.
  • Entering zones where it says prohibited zone or fenced is strictly prohibited.
  • Littering is strictly prohibited in the forest zones, hence, it is advisable to carry your won personal trash and see to that all the liter waste it dumped in that can.
  • Removing or alerting any kind of sign or post in the forest is strictly prohibited.
  • Safety first, fun next. See to that you travel in a closed vehicle whether jeep or van with all the doors and windows closed.
  • Always accompany a person who is aware of the routes of the forest so that you are guided on the right path.
  • It’s always safe to accompany a doctor along with you for any kind of medical emergency in the middle of the forest.
  • Carry your medicines, food and clothing that could protect you’re according to the whether conditions in any situation.
  • Avoid carrying objects that are flammable while entering the forest as there are chances to catch fire.
  • It’s always advisable to carry a fire extinguisher along with you while planning such trips to forest.
  • Kite flying and any other sports are strictly prohibited in the forest.

Always take a prior permit from the concern department if required to enter such Wildlife sanctuaries and follow all the rules and regulations allotted by the authorities for your safety.

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