Jungle safari and camping Guidelines


All of us look forward and meticulously plan our jungle safari and camping adventure with friends. It is indeed a very exciting adventure away from mundane and stressed life. However,living in the woods for the weekend can prove to be extremely dangerous if you are not equipped to deal with it or are unaware about the safety guidelines. Let’s look into a few and make our jungle safari experience safer and enjoyable.

  • While visiting a jungle safari always abide by the rules of the park. Do not come out of the vehicle unless the guide lets you to. You can click pictures of animals in zoom sitting in your vehicle too. Be responsible not only towards yourself but also to others around you.
  • Do not stand and wave or stick out anything from your vehicle as it may disturb the animals and they can get aggressive too. Drive carefully and slowly through the safari without disturbing the animals around. It is advisable to close your windows if you are travelling in a car.
  • While camping in the jungle or lake make sure you cover yourself with mosquito repellent cream as such places have a high density of mosquitos and make sure you are constantly wearing socks and shoes to avoid snake bites. It is highly advisable carry proper camping equipments along with you for overnight stays. Do not go swimming if you are unaware about the depth of the river or lake or presence of any dangerous animal.

Following these tips can make your adventurous jungle safari and camping experience a memorable one. So keep that enthusiasm high, just bear these guidelines in mind and the world is out there to experience if only you are careful.
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