Measures to take up to protect the wildlife in your city

Measures to take up to protect the wildlife in your city


It is true, many of the ancient animals are endangered today, and we have the responsibility of guarding and preserving them for our posterity.

Points to ponder:

1. If no action is taken now, wildlife may exist only in the form of images in museums.Animals like Blue Whale, Tiger and Panda Bears are the most endangered ones.

2. We should seek measures to find out any illegal activities going on borders of various countries, like hunting, tusks smuggling and others.

3. We should find out a solution to increase their production naturally.

4. Newborns and small cubs should given close attention to guard them from possible dangers of men and other animals.

5. Should keep a record of their production and closely monitor the high and low of graphs.

6. Nutrient food should be given and animals should be left out to wander freely to ease their life from depression.

7. Wild life should have an area of its own, their place should not be inhibited my men or any industries.

8. Government should stop deforestation at once. Criminals should be punished to root out the ill -happenings.

9. Industrialisation should be controlled and its toxins should not enter the soil of the wild life. Toxins and hazardous wastages should be disposed safely with government consideration.

10. Forest officials like forest rangers should be vigilant all the time.

11. As we own this earth, our other inhabitants also have their own rights, our earth is not entirely ours, so live and let live the others creatures of the globe. Indeed, we own much responsibility of saving them for our happiness.


How boring the world will be if it is filled with human beings alone?, so let share the space for other living creatures like birds, fish, insects, animals etc. Let’s preserve the beauty and purity of nature.

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