Mudumalai Elephant Population increasing or decreasing

Mudumalai Elephant Population increasing or decreasing

Mudumalai is one among the most popular wildlife sanctuaries. It is most interesting to walk through the Mudumalai sanctuary where you will see huge variety of species- it could be animals or birds. Even the beauty of the nature is amazingly good which includes several kinds of trees such as natural teak, bamboos and so on… located at the flora in the park. Also, water pool in this sanctuary looks very beautiful. Mudumalai is most famous for its elephant population.

Advantage of Carrying Guide: To enjoy this beauty, the visitors to this sanctuary should contact the guide, as guide knows each and every location of the forest or sanctuary. Another advantage of taking guide with you is that he knows the exact place where animals like elephants, tigers, etc reside in the sanctuary, their food habitants, and when they come out side and everything that a tourist does not know. Thus, it is very beneficial to take guide with you while moving inside the sanctuary. You will also get complete information about the number of elephants in the sanctuary, and the unbeaten tracks of where these elephants roam from this guide.

Mudumalai Elephant Population Increasing: As elephants are the beauty to the forest, it becomes essential for the government to take care of these elements and protect them. Therefore, considering wildlife as important factor, Government today has been involved in protecting and hiring more species; especially the elephants. Since, the year 2012, the population of elephant has been increasing day-by-day, and there are across 200 elephants bought in this Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary. These 200 elephants are found at satyamangalam sanctuary, but in other places, it’s still being compiled.

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