Mudumalai Resorts The Best Weekend Holiday Spot

Mudumalai Resorts The Best Weekend Holiday Spot

Mudumalai is the hub for wildlife and is a Tiger Reserve. Anyone interested in exploring the rich wildlife India has should definitely visit the Mudumalai Sanctuary. It is usually considered as the preferred holiday spot for weekends for most people who live in major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore and even some parts of Kerela.
Its position is strategic and thus places it in the middle of sanctuaries such as Bandipur and Wayanad and national parks such as Silent Valley and Mukurthi.
Elephant safari is one of the most famous attraction at Mudumalai; it is generally for an hour and is organized by the forest department. There is also the elephant feeding camp and museuem near to the feeding camp. The park also has Kallatty falls which is known for its scenic and breath taking view. Nearby the national park is also Pykara Lake where you can do boating. The clear waters and the isolated area offer peace and tranquility. There are many packages which include most if not all of the attractions of Mudumalai which are offered by the many resorts available there. You can even book and stay in tree houses to have that authentic jungle experience. Adventure is not far way when you are at Mudumalai exploring its rich and vibrant wildlife.

Care and caution should be taken when going on safaris; proper clothing and following of rules is essential for the safety of yourself and co-passengers as well as for the safety of the wildlife present there.

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