Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary – Nature at its best

Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary – Nature at its best

The hectic schedules of our day-to-day urban life do not allow us to sit back and relax, and once in a while reconnect ourselves with nature and peaceful environment. This harsh truth of our lives makes it more important to visit places which are away from the hullabaloo of our daily routines, and at the same time act to preserve the slowly dwindling away population of many species of animals and plants.

Mudumalai national park or Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary as we popularly call it, was built in 1940 to maintain and balance the regional eco-system. Situated in Nilgiri Hills and over 321 square kilometers of space, it is a precious sanctuary for the wild animals and many endangered species. Due to its vast size and abundance of flora and fauna, it is home to various levels of the animal kingdom. Animals like Asian elephants and tigers, hyenas, leopard, wild boar, mongoose etc. and reptiles like bamboo pit snakes, crocodiles and pythons are permanent residents there. Also, many rare birds like Malabar trogon, black woodpecker and king of vultures can be spotted here.

There are numerous sightseeing places to visit near the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary.

  • One of them is Theppakadu elephant camp. Home for Asian elephants, it entertains visitors with elephant race and soccer games, elephant shows on weekends and English documentaries on wildlife.
  • Another attraction for wildlife enthusiasts is the Jungle safaris. Here, you can opt for both jeep/van and elephant safaris. Elephant safaris, especially, allow you to reach the inner space of the wild animals and lets you observe in their natural glory without disturbance.
  • Apart from these, there are several tourist attractions in the city of Wayanad, like Edakkal Caves, just 30 kilometers from Mudumali wildlife sanctuary.
  • Also, Mettupayalam town, also in the vicinity, has beautiful places like the Sims park for sporting beautiful gardens, and Noyyal river, for outdoor enthusiasts, just to name a few.

If you are a nature enthusiast and wish to spend some time enjoying the wildlife and natural bodies, pay a visit to Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary and its nearby sight seeing spots.

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