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Photography has always been a challenging career, hobby and past time since the time camera was invented. However it is still an interest for millions of enthusiast photographers to continue passionately hoping to succeed soon. Of all the themes Wildlife photography is the most popular ones as a photographer’s best skills are exhibited in this category.

Below are some reasons why Wildlife photography is everyone’s favourite

  • It allows the photographer to capture the rarest moments of wild animals and ecosystem
  • The natural lighting and habitat gives the scene an extraordinary effect
  • Different behaviours can be observed during wildlife photography shoots
  • It is the most challenging theme as the photographer has to wait for several hours to several days to capture the required pose / scene in the wild life

Different factors that affect the quality of a wildlife picture are

  1. The time of day (dawn, mid-day, dusk) that determines the quality of light
  2. Seasons of the year
  3. The geographic location
  4. The experience of the photographer
  5. The time in hand available to capture a picture perfect scene
  6. The type of lens and camera used (latest cameras come with better features)

 Wildlife photography may not include animals only. It may be one of the below as well.

  1. A giant tree that is rarely found outside the wildlife ecosystem
  2. A rare species of flowering plant, fruits, medicinal shrubs, insects, reptiles, butterflies etc
  3. Water animals and water bodies amidst forest
  4. A scene where a predator is aiming for its prey
  5. Behaviour of animals on seeing human beings

List Of Photography Contests To be Held In 2014

Below are some of the Wildlife Photography Contests you can look forward to participate in 2014. –

Photography Contests Contests URL’s Description
The New Camera January 2014 Photography Contest January 2014 Photography Contest New contest started at, Theme of the contest is Open to all subjects, Submit your best shot captured through your Camera, best images will be featured at end of Month.
Foliopic January ‘Nature’ Competition Nature Competition Ephotozine has announced a price amount of £79 each for against the theme “nature” which may include anything from wildlife, birds, forests etc. Entry is free – See more at:
The USA Landscape Photography Contest Landscape Photography Contest The USA Landscape Photography Contest is open for all and the price worth is US$ 10,000 – See more at:
The North East Wildlife Photography Competition 2014 The North East Wildlife Photography Competition 2014! Has announced wildlife category photo contest across themes like Wildlife In The Landscape, Wildlife In Action, Wildlife Portrait, Botanical, Art In Nature
2014 St. Marks National Wildlife Refug PhotoContest2014Form 2014 St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge has all details on website. Make sure to register before Feb16th 2014
Discover Photo Contest Wildlife And Nature Photography Contest On Discover Wildlife.Com calls for exclusive wildlife photographers around the world – See more at:
The National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest National Wildlife Photo Contest 2014 calls for youth and professional photographers for categories like Backyard Habitat, Birds, Baby animals, Mammals, Landscapes and Plant Life etc with a base entry fee of $20.
BigPicture Natural World Photography Big Picture natural wolrd This competition welcomes professional-level, high-caliber nature, wildlife and conservation images and is open to all photographers who aim to capture the beauty and fragility of the natural world through an artistic lens.
B&H Wilderness Photo Competition, wildernessphotocompetition Photo contest is in 8 categories
Defenders of Wildlife fifth-annual-photo-contest The contest has two categories: wild lands and imperiled wildlife. Llooking for outstanding photographs of wild habitat and imperiled species that highlight the beauty and wonder of life in North America.
GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014” The photographs entered in this competition shall contribute to the European idea of protecting wildlife and habitat and will hopefully evoke responsibility and understanding in the public
ZSL Animal Photography Prize photography-prize Both Adults & Young person can join this photo contest
International Kontinent Photography Awards 2014 kontinentawards The contest has 6 main categories
Wildlife-In-Focus Wildlife Photography Contest annual-photo-contest For details contact during spring reason
MS Lower Delta Outdoor Photo Contest for 2014 outdoor-photography-contest For detais visit the website
2014 Nature Photography Contest jasphotocontest Contest categories are Landscapes, Plants &Wildlife
Santee Birding & Nature Festival wildlife-photography-contest Santee Birding & Nature Festival has annocunced its 2nd Annual Nature Photography Contest. There are 4 categories
North East Wildlife Photography Competition 2014 wildlife-photo-comp-2014 This year, there are six competition categories to enter, with each category winner and runner-up receiving a great prize and an overall winner being selected from one of these categories for the main prize of £250.
Northwoods Wildlife Center photo-contest-information 2014 Photo Categories are North American Wildlife, Nature, Pets & Youth
Pugdundee Safaris Wildlife Photo Contest wildlife-photo-contest For detais visit the website
Cameraderie photography contest 2014 rules_general The contest will showcase photographs that stand apart on creativity, communication and ability to move people. So arm yourself with a camera, click your master shot and share your story with the world.
2014 Texas State Park Photography Contest photography-in-state-parks Between March 1 – April 15, 2014 enter photos of your most playful moments in a Texas State Park.

Do participate in these contests and let the world see wildlife through your lens.

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