Packing Checklist for a Wildlife Vacation


Vacations can be fun as well as stressful in terms of organizing and planning the entire trip. It is a tough task to know what goes into packing so that you do not miss out your essentials. If the vacation happens to be a wildlife trip, it can be all the more tricky.

Here are some easy tips to pack wisely for your wildlife vacation –

  • Check the temperature of the place you are visiting before you reach there so that you can carry sun blocks, huge straw hats, shades, flip flops, light cotton clothing etc if it is a hot humid place and umbrellas if it is raining etc.
  • If you are visiting a wildlife sanctuary, ensure you carry boots, jackets, flashlights etc.
  • Common to any wildlife vacation would be a good powerful camera with powerful zoom as wildlife photography is usually taken from a distance.
  • Another item on your list could be a good set of binoculars.
  • Wildlife locations will have mosquitoes, insects and bees etc in abundance. So ensure you carry pest repellents, creams to soothe irritation caused by insects and pests, etc.
  • Ensure your camera is charged well as you may not find charging facilities while out in the wild. Alternately carry enough batteries for all your gadgets and your camera.
  • Your clothing is essential too as you would want to be hidden and not visible to animals, so ensure you do not carry bright colored clothing and instead opt for greens and browns and dull colored clothing.
  • Check with a Doctor before traveling and carry enough medication related to such trips and plenty of water.

Lastly take along good strong bags to carry all the items mentioned above and most importantly enjoy your wildlife vacation!!

By Bala M


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