Rejuvenation camp For The Elephants Held At Mudumalai

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Anamalai Tiger Reserve are hosting the Elephant Rejuvenation camps since last Thursday and will continue for 48 days.

Below listed  are some facts about the elephants in the camps

  •  Among 21 elephants of ATR, 7 were sent to the Annual Rejuvenation camp of Thekkampatty. 14 are kept in ATR itself.
  • Among those 14, 5 will be at the Chinar Tribal Settlement and 6 will be at Kozhlikamuthi.
  • 3 elephants that were trained in ‘KRAAL’ will be kept in camp too.
  • 19 elephants will be undergoing the annual rejuvenation camp at Mudumalai.
  • The ‘KUMKI’ elephants will be remained unemployed during this time because of the camp.
  • During the camp, the elephants will be given the vitamin tablets and special kind of diets according to the prescription of the veterinary physicians. The height and weight of each and every elephant is being monitored.
  • Rice, Horse Gram and ragi are the usual foods provided by the forest department. Ashta Choornam, Chavanprash, multivitamin tablets, mineral mixtures, turmeric, and green gram are also supplied during the camp.


This is quite an old tradition of organizing the elephant rejuvenation camps annually. So we have already seen quite a number of rejuvenation camps held in Mudumalai till now. Another popular camp here is known as the Rejuvenation Camp for temple and Private Elephants of Tamil Nadu. The places engaged with this camp are Bhavani River Bed region and the Kandiyur Reserve Forest. You can observe the camps at –

  •  Nilgiri Elephant Reserve
  • Coimbatore Elephant Reserve
  •  Srivilliputtur Elephant Reserve

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