The Great Tiger Census Begins at Mudumalai and Bandipur


The third all India tiger census begins on 16th Dec and will go on till 22nd Dec

More than 260 Volunteers and 500 forest department staff take part in the census in Bandipur alone. For the past two years many techies from Bangalore have taken up the wildlife tracking and photography as a hobby this led to many of them taking part in the 3 days tiger census and all animal census held by the forest department year by year.

This year the forest department is changed the methodology used for census and the census is planned for 7 full days and also have restricted volunteers from carrying mobile phones and cameras. The strict rules and longer duration of the census period have discouraged many Bangalore based techies from taking part in the tiger counting event. In spite of that there has been many volunteers from forest colleges and other science colleges to get involved in the counting.

The forest department had plans to close Bandipur and Mudumalai safari during the tiger census period 16th Dec to 22nd Dec. But since this is holiday season and lot of tourists were coming in for Christmas holidays the Bandipur safari remains open to the public .But Mudumalai safari will remain closed during these seven days.

The results of the tiger census will be announced with Dec 30.


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