The top 5 adventures activities

The top 5 adventures activities

“Acrophobia gripped me as I stood on top of the platform 200 feet high and the will power required to make the jump, was immense. I realized the inevitable as I saw the ground rush towards me. The only thing I could manage to do was close my eyes, mutter a feverent prayer and give myself away.” The popular opinion on the above be that it is an adieu from an autobiography. Contrarily, it is a first experience expression of a bungee jumper. Adrenalin junkies, as they are commonly known, sign up for such activities; which may appear pointless to many. Some do it to overcome stress; while others do it for the sense of rush they get. If you feel you’re one of those, then you should browse through the Top 5 Adventure Activities that You Should Do.

Trekking/Camping:/strong> Start with the lark and camp at a sheltered spot. Begin your trek after lunch and return before dusk. Getting lost in the dark is easy; and dangerous. Light a campfire on a bed of sand. Prevent embers from flying out. Put out the fire before leaving the area. Insect bites can prove extremely dangerous sometimes; hence take necessary precautions. Avoid camping alone. Somebody back home should be made aware of your whereabouts. Following up the necessary do’s and don’ts, camping can be a lot of fun

Rock climbing:
A sport that could be categorized under the most challenging, rock climbing puts the physical and psychological limits of a climber through the ultimate test. This is not a deterrent for adventure lovers; who enjoy climbing indoors on specially designed walls under expert supervision. Slipping and falling are the biggest risks in this sport which of course can be greatly minimized by using the prescribed safety equipment

Scuba diving:
An underwater exploration, scuba diving offers greater freedom in contrast to the tubes and snorkels used in the past times. Recent technological developments have provided an ease of access to the newly uncovered underwater tourism; that too at an affordable cost. Majority of the tropical beaches offer equipment and training. Recreational diving depths are limited to 90-100 feet. Caution is a pinch of salt in adventure sports; respectful treatment of marine life will take you to wonderlands, hitherto unseen and unheard.

White water rafting:
It is a group activity in which people, under expert supervision, try to navigate rough patches of rivers, classified on a scale of I (easy) to VI (expert), in an inflatable boat. Rafting has become increasingly safe over the years thanks to better equipment and expertise. However as a precautionary measure, in case of capsize, and also for the increased upper body strength it gives, participants need to have a basic swimming knowledge and a little prior training as well.

Sky diving:
Sky diving is undoubtedly the ultimate adventure sport and it requires nothing except a ton of bravery, nerves of steel, trusty equipment and a pocketful of cash. Priced at Rs 16,000 a jump, this crazy thing has made it to the bucket list of almost every man and woman alive. Each jump would last for no longer than 80 seconds. But people who have experienced it claim that the adrenalin rush from falling out of an airplane at 18,000 feet makes them want to come back for more.

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