Top 4 poisonous snakes in South India and tips on how to recognize them

Top 4 poisonous snakes in South India and tips on how to recognize them

South India hosts a variety of snakes. Some of them are venomous while some are not. The poisonous snakes are the most perilous of all because a human life is endangered if they bite. Here we have a list of top 4 poisonous snakes that are found in South India and given along are some tips to identify them.

  1. Common cobra– Also known as king cobra, is one of the most feared snakes found in various parts of India, especially in South India. Although these snakes are shy, but when provoked they’ll threaten by spreading a hood behind their necks.

Tips to recognize these snakes:

  • Length ranges from 3ft to 6 ft.
  • Skin color is either black, olive-green or tan with cream or pale yellow bellies.
  • Their most specific feature is their hood, which they spread behind their neck on being irritated.
  1. Common Indian Krait- also known as Bungarus in local language, they are 16 times more venomous than common cobras. Their heads are slightly larger than their necks. They attack if enraged.

Tips to recognize common Krait:

  • Length ranges from  4ft to 6ft.
  • Black in color with single or double white colored bands.
  • Nocturnal and can be found in dark and dry places during daytime.
  1. Russel’s Viper– These are plump but highly venomous snake with a flat, triangular head and a blunt, raised snout. On being provoked these will warn with a high pitched, whistle like sound.

Tips to identify a viper:

  • Length ranges from 4ft to 6ft.
  • Brown color body mixed with reds and yellows.
  • They have three characteristic longitudinal rows of black or brown colored eye like spots on their body.
  1. Saw-scaled Viper– these snakes are although very short in length but extremely dangerous and one of the fastest species in the world. These aggressive snakes on being enraged, make a saw-like sound by rubbing their side dorsal scales together.

Tips to identify Saw-scaled Viper:

  • Length ranges from 15 inches to 30 inches.
  • Body color can be either dark brown, red or gray or a mix of these.
  • Noticeable spots on the body either light yellow or dark brown in color with dark lines woven through.

Once recognized it is always better to stay away from these poisonous snakes, because if bitten their venom can also cause death.

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