Tourist destination

Tourist destination

The climate is getting hot day by day due to pollution and green house effects. To escape from the hot summer people go to hill stations wherever the climate is cool. There are several such hill stations in India. In the southern part of our country is the Nilgiri Hills and on the northwest of this hill there are places such as Ooty and Mudumalai.
Mudumalai a tourist destination:
Mudumalai is known mainly for the Mudumalai National park that was recognized in the year 1940. This national park was established mainly to guard the incredible wildlife that reside in their natural habitat and to attract tourist who come there to watch the wild animals and birds.

Mudumalai is well known for the wildlife that one can find here in their natural habitat such as leopard, sloth bears, tiger, dholes, striped hyenas, Asian elephants, golden jackals. In this Mudumalai wildlife enthusiast can easily spot the two notable primates gray langur and the bonnet macaque.

Mudumalai National park is also home of many bird species and the bird lovers come here for bird watching year after year. Some of the bird species found in the region are the crested serpent eagle, Malabar grey hornbill, Malabar Trojan, the crested hawk and also the unusual stripy tit babbler most often found in this area.

Mudumalai National park is situated in the Nilgiri Hills which is well known because of the sharp curvy and steep roads. Due to this condition all the vehicles cannot be driven easily on this hill as a result the travel choices are few. Therefore options available to reach Mudumalai or its nearby places are by Jeep or SUV which can be hired from either Ooty or Madurai.

The best time to visit is between the months from December till June and the park will be closed for the tourist during the month of February, March as it is dry season and this place gets heavy rainfall during the month of October and November.

Tourist hotspot : Ooty
Ooty is another tourist destination on the northwestern Ghats which is very well known for its scenery beauty and cold climate during summer. This Ooty Town comes in the state of Tamil Nadu also commonly Known as Ootacamund.

Ooty is referred as the Hill stations Queen because of its compelling beautiful sceneries and this place is also well known as Blue Mountains due to the Nilgiri Hill on which it is located. There are several destinations worth visiting in and around Ooty such as Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Ooty Lake, Ooty Botanical garden, Raj Bhawan and Government Mueum.

Ooty Lake: The Ooty Lake is at a distance of 3kms from the city and it is not natural lake but an artificial lake. The Ooty Lake spread on an area of 2.75kms and it was create under John Sullivan in the year 1824. This lake was formed by the mountain sources from which the water flows down the valley and this lake is surrounded by eucalyptus trees which enhances the beauty of the Lake.

Ooty Botanical garden: This is another popular attraction in the Ooty town and it is situated in the center of the town. There are several colorful and varied flowering plants, ferns and Orchids which are worth visiting. This Botanical garden contains many kinds of Roses, imported Shrubs and 30 different kind of Eucalyptus trees.

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