Tree House


Tree house made of wood and bamboo with large netted windows enabling a clear view of nature real close. Bamboo based weather proof tree house on elevated platforms on trees with a view of the stream and eye level view of tree canopy. Well ventilated with a balcony to observe

Swiss Tents


Swiss Tents are the most comfortable accommodation units located on banks of a fresh water stream running through the jungle offers maximum privacy. The balcony facing the stream provides a complete romantic atmosphere and if you are lucky you may spot the wild animals taking a sip from the stream.

Bamboo Huts


Bamboo Huts – These huts are made of organic bamboo hand crafted by the Mudumalai village tribes. The bamboo huts are well ventilated and furnished with cots. Each bamboo hut has an individual Bathroom located 50 feet from the hut. Suitable for a group of six to 10 two people.

Camping Tents


Camping Tents – Camping tents are for the adventure loving people willing to experience the thrill of camping in a jungle. Our camping tents are pitched on platforms and are comfortable to live in. Best suitable for two people Facilities – Two cabins with mattress, Individual toilet attached. Fan, light,