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You may have come across several DIY tent making tips. Such tips are helpful for you in more than one way. The main reason is certainly you can save ample of money on it. Take a look on how you can prepare a tent on you own and enjoy outdoor trip.

  • To prepare a tent, you can either opt for forest based products like wood or look for the shop near by your area
  • If you are planning to build a tent entirely on your own, it would be an amazing experience to go for forest products
  • In forest based product all you need is good quality of huge rocks that would bear the weight, a string branch to hold the tent, and few short sharp sticks
  • You need to make sure that the string branch which you bring will hold the rocks in much convenient manner
  • You also need a knife to make sure that the tent you make get a good sharping sticks
  • The cloth to cover the tent must be of good quality
  • Look for the cloth which would protect you from wind and rain as well.
  • First you need to sharp all the sticks that you have got to place the tent
  • sharpen it in such a manner that your tent cloth gets properly stick to it at the same time, those four sticks get easily good grip of the ground
  • Always ensure that while building a tent, you follow necessary safety measures
  • Clear all the debris and rocks where you are planning to place the tent. Ensure that the place is all clean and neat so that you can have a good sleep
  • Make small incision where you will be attaching the sticks
  • Put the branch that you have chosen right in the center of the ground so that the entire tent can get a good hold
  • Put the tarp on the branch in a flat manner so that it would hang in a way as if the umbrella is about to open
  • Stretch all the corner till the diagonal line from the ground is made to the center point
  • Place the rock on each side of the strip
  • Don’t forget to get your sleeping bag and enjoy the experience of making your own tent
  • For extra safety measures, use safety pins and short sheets
  • Never take a risk of giving a share knife to kids while building the tent
  • Try to look for the place where it is not so much windy so that tent you make stays good for long
  • Always carry a touch in case of emergency
  • It is better that you have some experienced tent maker if you would be using the store products as they must be built as per the instructions.

The process of DIY wooden Raft building in Mudumalai is another experience which you can enjoy with your family. So what are you waiting for? Building your own tent today.
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