Your Guide to Camp site in Mudumalai

Your Guide to Camp site in Mudumalai

If you are looking for a change or peace of mind, then you should think about a camp at Mudumalai forest, where you will have fun watching animals, birds, trekking in forest, camping, listen to music, dance and enjoy with bonfire. While you plan for a small trip or camping at Mudumalai, you should keep in mind about Do’s and Don’ts at this place.

The Camp site In Mudumalai dos and donts-
Dos while Camping: First and foremost thing is to wear dresses that are most comfortable to walk in the forest. As you have to walk through thorns and bushes in the forest, wearing full dress like jean pant and full sleeves shirt would help you.

Secondly, it is important to get essential materials and devices with you to enjoy the camp to full extent such as- bonfire, tents, clothes, trekking shoes, and mobiles as well.

Thirdly, get all emergency medications and other necessities like sweaters, jackets, etc which could be helpful in the morning, also carry snacks with you as city is far away from the forest.

Dont’s in Camping: You should be aware that roaming in sanctuary is prohibited without permission, and it is very illegal, to enter. Another thing is that do not put waste like plastics products or polythene covers in the sanctuaries, instead you can clean any wastes found there.

Do not tease or irritate animals which may harm you if you do so. Also, do not disturb animals by hearing music loudly or talking or screaming in louder voice. It is also essential not to get out of the vehicle or peep outside the vehicle’s window in the sanctuaries which is more dangerous.

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